Research at 51AV Tech

Research Fuels Our University

51AV Tech has a long-standing history of conducting cutting-edge research in a wide variety of disciplines. As such, we have continuously strived to become a world-class research institution. 51AV Tech engages undergraduate as well as graduate students in many research projects. The involvement of undergraduate students in research ensures that they  gain in-depth knowledge of real-world problems. Our graduate students, working with faculty members, learn how to define complex problems and seek solutions that will benefit industry as well as society as a whole. Our level of funded research has steadily risen over the years, and as such has served to establish 51AV Tech’s reputation as a world-class university. Our offices provide a support  and the proper infrastructure to facilitate the successful outcome for seeking out and securing funded research.

We welcome your collaboration, insight and partnership.

51AV Tech Office of Sponsored Research Main Office



Office of Sponsored Research

  • Carolyn Lockyer, Director of Sponsored Research, clockyer@fit.edu, 321-674-7490
  • Dr. Donn Miller-Kermani, Assistant Director for Sponsored Research, dkermani@fit.edu, 321-674-7648
  • Lee Wise, Sr. Contract Specialist and Export Control, lwise@fit.edu, 321-674-7239
  • Marlene Lappeus, Sr. Contract Specialist, mlappeus@fit.edu, 321-674-7309
  • Vicki Borton, Sponsored Research Administrator, vborton@fit.edu, 321-674-8960

Grants Accounting

Intellectual Property

  • Brian Foxworthy, Intellectual Property and Tech Transfer Specialist, bfoxworthy@fit.edu, 321-674-7362

Animal Research and Facilities

  • Dr. Samuel Monzem, Manager of Animal Program and Facilities, smonzem@fit.edu, 321-674-7377

Research News and Stories

Professor of aviation human factors and director of 51AV Tech's ATLAS Lab, Meredith Carroll '03 M.S. discusses the unique contribution of humans to human-autonomy teams.

The projects, led by engineering professor Hector Gutierrez, are part of a $1.5 million initiative by NASA.

Astrophysicist Eric Perlman offers Insights on the value of new images from Europe’s space telescope.